School Leadership Courses and Training

With many years of experiencing in designing and delivering training, I can create a package that meets the needs of leaders in your school or trust. I draw on not only leadership theory, but a wide range of educational research to provide a unique blend of training that focuses on school improvement as well as leadership development. I ensure that all courses are transformational, enable colleagues to have real impact in school, and are firmly rooted in the practical. I thoroughly enjoy working with leaders at all levels, from aspiring leaders to those with many years of experience. I build on the knowledge and skills of the colleagues I work with, ensuring that training is a worthwhile investment both in terms of time and money.

Deputy headteacher training: New to role programmes or catalyst programmes for experienced leaders.

Assistant Headteacher training: Tranisitioning to leading on a whole school remit.

Phase leader training : Fantastic year-long programmes for all the phase leaders in your school (which develops peer relationships and team work as well as leadership skills), or for those new to role across a MAT.

Subject leadership development: A variety of different types of programme can be developed to support leaders to be effective in raising standards.

Happy leader programme and happiness at work coaching

Are you seeking to improve well-being and happiness at work? Do you want resources that will enable you to have productive conversations about well-being? Do you want practical, research based actions that will make a difference to how colleagues feel about coming to work? Then the Happy Leader programme and PERMA+4 coaching might be just the solution you need.

Happiness at Work is a fantastic blend of learning how to harness the research on happiness at work alongside tools to help you create a personal, team or organisational plan for improving well-being and happiness at work levels. It is a fantastic mix of coaching, learning, and strategising. The package includes tools to help you measure and investigate current levels of happiness at work. There are frameworks to support thinking and planning.


Training events can be designed for:

Senior leadership teams, assistant headteachers, middle leaders, teachers, teaching assistants and governors

Coaching for executives, headteachers, senior and middle leaders

If you have not undertaking coaching before, you might start by choosing from one of the eight coaching packages on offer.


Training feedback

“Informative, useful, insightful and clear.”

“Delivered superbly, good content, exactly what we needed, clear instructions.”

“Absolutely fascinating and very, very informative day. Well presented, great pace with blasts of information and solid opportunities to discuss.”

“Fantastic - thanks Vicky - loved it! Best course I have done for years!”

“Time to think, investigate, talk and challenge ourselves.”

“Vicky created a safe environment to discuss some challenging issues openly and in a reflective manner.  The content flowed and was supportive of the role/issues that come at this level of management.”

“A well thought out set of concepts to get us thinking.  A great opportunity to spend some time reflecting on our practice. I’ve learnt a lot today! I feel empowered and motivated to do more, more effectively and armed with ‘tools’ to make me a better teacher.”

“Excellent.  Thank you for this valuable training.”

“Data workshop was very useful. I actually feel like I understand data and am looking forward to using it to help me plan for the future.”

“Interesting to look at how trends can be followed and ways to use data to make decisions and influence what goes on for individual sets of pupils.”

“Got me really thinking about extending my questioning technique, a great mix of participation and ideas.”

“It was enjoyable and fun but thought provoking.  I will try out these strategies” 

“Challenged me to think at a higher level.”

“Very interesting / practical and WILL make a difference!”

“A wealth of ideas and starting points presented and debated. Thank you.”