The power of questions

What are your favourite questions?  What questioning techniques do you use to elicit pupil learning?  How do you use the power of questions to probe understanding, unpick misconceptions, and move learning forward?  This training goes well beyond the understanding of closed and open questions but looks closely at the techniques teachers and teaching assistants can use to help them ask powerful questions.  

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  • Categorisation of questions and consideration of Bloom's taxonomy.
  • Using different stimuli for asking questions and encouraging pupils to ask their own powerful questions.
  • Questioning techniques such as : The 5 whys, the five senses, boxing and scaffolding, Socratic questions, chunking questions, Kipling questions, funnel questions, metacognition questions.
  • Rational, reasons and evidence questions.
  • The link between subject knowledge, understanding of progression and questioning
  • Participants will have reflected on their current questioning technique. They will have extended their range of questioning strategies. They will be better equipped to support pupils in developing their own questioning.

    "Got me really thinking about extending my questioning technique, a great mix of participation and ideas."
    "It was enjoyable and fun, but thought provoking. I will try out these strategies"
    "Challenged me to think at a higher level."
    "Great resources and ideas to take away to use in class"
    "Activities embedded what had been spoken about".

    This training can be delivered as half day sessions or a series of twilights. Most schools find they need two half day sessions.

    Typical costs are £450 for a half day and £675 for a full day for the first 15 colleagues and £20 for each additional colleague. Prices vary is more than one school is involved. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for a quote. If outside of West Yorkshire an additional 40p per mile is charged plus overnight accommodation where applicable.