Middle leadership skills

Do your middle leaders see themselves as leaders? Are they equipped with the skills to carry out lesson observations, give effective feedback to others, conduct pupil voice, carry out learning walks, and scruitinise books?

Having the time to train middle leaders in developing these skills and supporting them in using the results to impact on pupil outcomes is not easy. Outsourcing this support and training can add additional capacity and ensure that teachers are well equipped to carry out leadership activities. Mix and match modules to suit your staff.

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  • Carrying out lesson observations and engaging in effective professional dialogue
  • Scuitinising books with a particular focus e.g. differentiation, challenge, independent learning opportunities, range of activities, progress and the impact of marking and feedback
  • Carrying out learning walks and tapping into pupil voice
  • Considering the leadership and management aspects of being a middle leader
  • Acting on findings
  • Contributing to the development of teaching and learning
  • Understanding Ofsted and the role of the middle leader
  • Design sessions to meet the needs of your team and school
  • Participants will have a greater sense of leadership and management. They will see how their actions contribute to overall school improvement. They will feel confident to use a range of school self assessment tools and understand how leaders then use this information to their advantage.

    "Increased confidence in subject leaders to move the learning forward in the school...Leaders are able to carry out learning observations & feedback to staff."

    Tailor the training to meet the needs of your leaders. Consider grouping middle leaders by levels of experience.

    Half day sessions are more effective than twilights. Please see prices sheet for day and half day rates.

    Consider linking this training to support for a senior leader with responsibility for the development of distributed leadership.