Training and consultancy for schools

Online support for:
leadership coaching & mentoring;
1:1 training and professioal development;
Group leadership development sessions;
Support for school self evaluation;
Analysis of your school data;
Training events via our online platform or zoom sessions for groups, whole school, multiple schools;
  • Online training events can be designed for:
    Senior leadership teams: a great way to build and develop leadership capacity by training together - for example ‘strengthening strategic thinking’ or 'outward facing leadership'. Why not take advantage of being able to work together as a senior team on leadership issues. Tailor sessions to meet the needs of staff in your team 'Reviewing the year and planning ahead' is a popular focus in the summer term. Teams can be physically in the same room and zoom with Vicky, or can be logged in to zoom seperately or in pairs.
    Assistant headteachers: programmes can be designed to support the development of assistant headteachers either within a single school or across schools. A blended approach of online learning, group training sessions via zoom, 1:1 coaching and mentoring via zoom plus a nominated school senior leader to act as CPD director can yeild very positive results.
    Middle leaders: select from a range of modules to design a programme that meets the needs of your middle leaders, for example developing lesson observation skills, action planning, dealing with challenging people, Ofsted, using emotional intelligence, etc or plan a programme of 1:1 sessions for colleagues to support them with action planning and keeping on track with plans.
    Teaching assistants: for example 'developing questioning' or 'increasing impact in the classroom' or 'reading comprehension'. Enable TAs to study at a pace and place to suit them and provide an opportunity for them to develop expertise linked to their specific role / pupil links in school. Group Q&A sessions can be added to support TAs and/or support for the leader who takes responsibility for TA deployment and provision, e.g. SENCO.
    Teachers and/or teaching assistants: E.g. Developing reading comprehension, developing non-fiction writing, questioning, collaborative learning, developing metacognition, growth mindsets, speaking and listening.

    Training can be designed for your school or for colleagues across a range of schools.

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    A day of consultancy typically ranges from £650 to £750 +VAT depending on the nature of the work being carried out. This might be 1:1 zoom sessions with individual colleagues or small groups. Staff meetings / training sessions, e.g. twilights, are usually 2 hours in duration and are usually £300-400 +VAT depending on the number of colleagues involved and the resources being accessed. Reductions are available for the purchase of multiple days. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements. If colleagues are also accessing online learning course modules, there is usually an additional charge for access to the course charged on a per person basis. or telephone/text 07921 726580

    Fresh Solutions

    The advantage of using freelance consultancy is having a professional development programme designed to meet the needs of staff in your school. With Ofsted emphasising the effectiveness of performance management and its link to training and development opportunities (including support for career progression), a bespoke package can be an ideal way of providing effective CPD.


    Do you need additional leadership capacity for a project? My freelance consultancy time can be purchased to add additional capacity on a temporary basis.

    External courses

    Unfortunately, we are not currently offering any training sessions delivered at hotel / conference venues.

    Cluster support

    Why not consider training together, e.g. support for Assistant Headteachers across a cluster or family of schools. It has never been easier to train together via online tools and services.